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Your Dream Home is
Our Blueprint.

Your Dream Home is Our Blueprint.

Our St. Louis custom home build and renovation
projects bring your dreams to life.

Our St. Louis custom home build and renovation projects bring your dreams to life.

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G. Terbrock specializes in delivering premium quality construction through early involvement with designers during the preconstruction phase that establishes a concise awareness of the project goals and clients’ interests.


Greg and his team are no strangers to all things residential construction. People who have dedicated their whole lives to building and remodeling luxury homes, are the exact people you should trust to build or remodel your future home. We pride ourselves in our experience. This experience serves as the foundation of a dependable and understanding relationship as the chosen builder of your dream home. We fully understand the magnitude of the commitment you are making, and we strive to ensure security in your decision throughout the entire project by using what we know to perform at the highest level.


G. Terbrock places upmost importance in the quality of the relationship between us and our clients. This value is vital to creating success in the work we will do for you, and it is something we believe to be equally as valuable in our relationships with architects, designers, and subcontractors. We are fortunate to have made positive, long-lasting friendships with many local construction and design professionals over the years. These relationships contribute significantly to what we have been able to accomplish as custom homebuilders in St. Louis. G. Terbrock is dedicated to promoting a successful and enjoyable construction process for all who are involved. As we have for all our previous clients, we sincerely look forward to seeing how happy you are after we are done together.

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