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Certified Luxury Builders-Costa Homebuilder - Pittsburgh, PA - Dogwood Estate 1B

This Custom Home is located in Pittsburgh, PA and was built by Costa Homebuilders, a Certified Luxury Builder of Pittsburgh, PA . To learn more about Costa Homebuilders, visit

Certified Luxury Builders is America’s Largest Luxury Builder Network. CLB members are America’s finest custom home builders and luxury condo and home remodelers. Using a collaborative business model, Certified Luxury Builders assemble a design and construction team for each project, including AIA architects and ASID interior designers, to create inspired residences. By applying the highest level of quality building standards, Certified Luxury Builders provide predictable excellence for luxury home or condo owners from New York to Los Angeles and Boston to Naples. Expect a 5 Star Experience! To learn more about Certified Luxury Builders, visit

Certified Luxury Builders - Costa Homebuilders - Pittsburgh, PA - Dogwood Estate